Site Design and Copyleft License

The layout and design of this manual (also called 'the site' or 'the web site') was developed by Justin Mercier ( and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. This license allows for the open use, modification, and distribution of the work for personal or commercial use, provided that this license is included with any use, modified, or distributed work, is shared openly under the same license, and any use is properly attributed as the "TSN Site Layout Model (". Registration with the original author is not required but sharing improvements is appreciated. This includes the (X)HTML source code, CSS Styles, and Javascript including the following files (refer to file headers for those not listed here):

Tigra Pro

The left side navigation nenu and interactive tables were produced using the Tigra Pro package, and is licensed intellectual property of SoftComplex. These files may not be used or redistributed: